BrainSTEPS Team

BrainSTEPS Team

New member training is in November.  

More than 70% of all students in Colorado are being supported by a BrainSTEPS Team. Administrative Units are encouraged to form a BrainSTEPS CO Brain Injury Consulting Team to manage students with all severities of brain injuries (including concussion). This collaborative project between the ESSU and the Health & Wellness Unit provides initial training, materials, ongoing training, consultation, and support at no cost to districts. 

BrainSTEPS benefits everyone. When we understand the brain, we understand the needs of all learners. Go to the BrainSTEPS webpage (exiting CRBOCES) for more information.  

The Brainsteps team is made up staff from the CRBOCES member districts, the team has attend trainings in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury and concussions. The team is designed to help schools with interventions and to determine if a student meets the criteria for a special education identification of TBI.   

We are looking for new members please contact Denise Rahe if you are interested. (   


Denise Rahe-CRBOCES Special Education Director

Kristy Slife-Garfield16 Special Education Director

Angie Simpson-
Re1 Speech Language Pathologist

Jackie Zimmerman-CRBOCES School Psychologist

Gabe Fearon-
Re2 Special Education Teacher