Program Cost

Fee Structure
Candidates with positions in member/associate member districts (Roaring Fork, Garfield Re-2, Garfield 16, and DeBeque): $3,000
Candidates in all other districts and other schools: $4,400

Alternative teachers are paid a salary by their hiring school district. Salary schedules vary by district and can be found on the school on school district websites or by calling the Human Resource department in each district.

Colorado River BOCES program fees are the responsibility of the candidate.  Some districts offer fiscal incentives and/or payroll deduction options.

All charges payable for fingerprints, tests and applications to CDE are paid directly by the candidate.

Candidates will be expected to pay 25% by September 30, 50% by January 1, and 25% of the final payment by April 30.  If you need help spreading your payments out further, please contact us and let us know how we can help.